Green Features

We built Harmon Guest House to be in harmony with both the community and the nature surrounding it, earning the prestigious LEED Gold Certification.


Despite Harmon’s small footprint, a full 43% of the total site is dedicated to outdoor space, almost half of which is landscaped with native varietals to help restore the neighboring Foss Creek riverbed. And the highly reflective roof and underground parking garage both reduce the amount of heat emitted by the building.

Water Efficiency

We employ a storm water management plan that reduces storm water runoff by 25% and removes 92% of particulate matter, protecting neighboring Foss Creek. Low-flow fixtures throughout the building cut water use by up to 35%, and a rainwater harvesting system and smart irrigation reduces water consumption by more than 50%.

Energy Efficiency

Harmon Guest House encourages alternative forms of transportation by providing a fleet of 26 bikes for guests to use to explore town, and 6 electric vehicle-charging stations. The building was designed to reduce energy use by 14% through things like rooftop solar thermal panels to heat water.

Materials + Atmosphere

Harmon Guest House minimizes airborne emissions by eliminating chlorofluorocarbon-based refrigerants – which are harmful to the ozone – in its HVAC systems. The building itself was constructed with formaldehyde-free composite wood products, and low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints, sealants, adhesives, coatings and flooring to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

Leed Certified Gold

For these reasons and more, The Harmon Guest House has been awarded the prestigious LEED Gold Certification.