Artists + Makers

Alice Sutro

Tempera on glass

Harmon Glass Canvas Installation
[ Exhibited June-August 2021 ]

Artist’s Statement

Being invited to create a drawing installation for Harmon Guest House is a dream. The space is beautiful and the hotel’s concept of integrating art is right up my alley. My style is always what it is, and it’s what attracts people to commission my work: I draw with immediacy and no-holds-barred policy to sound the depths of interpersonal connection, and push the limits of how art can perform with such life, while being inert. That can be shown in the concept, the topic so to speak of the piece, but also in the format, or how the line is rendered. I never erase and I love above all to draw from life, while in the space, to create the most energetic line possible.

But back to the concept of this piece, we really needed to create the opportunity for the intimacy to be achieved, and it needed to resonate with the mission of the space, hotel life. Some back and forth with Harmon resulted in a fun and freaky-Friday style concept: inviting locals into the hotel to be drawn, but asking them to do what they would want to do if the hotel was handed over to them for the weekend, for a staycation. I was able to get the context needed to make the drawings lively, joyful and cheeky in their execution, as well as in their subject matter.

I’m so enamored with this project, I wish I could keep drawing locals every day on these great glass canvases. In total, I made 22 drawings on three floors at Harmon. You can see them if you are a hotel guest, or if you are heading to The Rooftop for a drink or dinner.

Photography by Brett Walker