Art Installation

Thomas Hill
From the Woods to the Water -
Sonoma County Bird Impressions

May-June 2023

Artist’s Statement
I have been using steel wire as the main material in my work for about 30 years. I find that wire can suggest a line almost like a three-dimensional ink drawing, with a little hammering to create added weight and texture like the twist of a dip pen. For me, it is the ideal material for evoking the lightness and feathery staccato movement of birds.
I wanted to say a little about my choice of materials and how this relates to the architecture of Harmon Guest House. The pieces in this group are all made from mild steel wire, an industrial material mostly used for tying rebar together whilst constructing concrete buildings, so I like to imagine that the walls here in Harmon are full of the same wire as my birds are made from. I love the poured concrete textures of the hotel; the impression left by the wooden shuttering creates a sense of nature in the person-made environment. Similarly, the steel window frames echo the steel of my birds, the fluid lines of my pieces weaving a counterpoint around the strict right angles of the building.

About the Artist
Thomas Hill has been a full-time artist since 1994, he makes pieces both for exhibitions and for corporate, public, and private commissions. “My pieces are made using mild steel wire, with additions of steel or copper sheet and copper meshes. I consider myself to be both a draftsman and a metalworker. My three-dimensional pieces are based on drawn studies of birds and animals in motion. I find that the steel wire I use behaves in much the same way as a quickly drawn line, and thus I am able to create, in effect, a three-dimensional ‘sketch.’”
Thomas Hill is a British native. He has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1999.
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