Video Installations

Morgania Moore
My Native Diaries

December 2022 - February 2023

Artist’s Statement
This project is an intimate POV shot from my home in the southwest corner of Alexander Valley - where the Russian River pulls into the narrows and long gravel bars and a series of hills flank the river as it starts to make deeper turns to the West. There are multiple series of hills looking east, progressively taller until Mount Saint Helena and the Mayacama Mountains loom tallest and frame the back of the vista. Flowing West, the Russian River cuts an S shape towards Healdsburg and snakes around Fitch Mountain. These turns capture/wrap my hill in a peninsula where I film these moments of landscape, weather, and light merging together.
Beginning in 2013, when I was pregnant with my son, my impulse was to document moments of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, weather - from my home - even if it was just twenty seconds I had free. I got myself in a strong habit of filming these moments, which maintained a creative connection for me when my son was little and I had less time for more in-depth art projects. After almost ten years, these scattered moments became a body of work. Sometimes, we forget how amazing the simple patterns of the day can be until they’re played back for us. Our lives get busy and we take for granted the simple beauty of the changing of the light or the rise of the moon. I cherish having this new kind of recorded history of the beauty I see from my POV from my home over the last decade. This exhibition is the culmination of this project, and to complete the piece I chose to capture Harmon Guest House which I’ve filmed over the past month.
Video Installation Preview

M.E.Moore Collection

Morgania’s, M.E.Moore Native 2022 Jewelry Collection, will also be on display and available for purchase at Harmon Guest House. Moore is credited with creating a “bohemian Healdsburg look”, which includes bespoke pieces she handcrafts out of found materials including deer leather, copper, and brass. A special display case was created by Moore and her husband Brook, a talented furniture artist, welder, and winemaker to feature this collection.