Tara Sahifi
Art Installation

Jessica Martin
Histories / Futures

October 2021 – February 2022

Artist’s Statement
In this challenging time, I have found that my work has been intensely focused on the healing power of art and nature. Creating the murals for Harmon Guest House was a thrilling opportunity to explore this concept even further.
For my initial site visit, I was inspired by how each floor of the hotel feels like a new level in a tree canopy, encouraging us to observe what is below and above. I thought it would be wonderful to paint two murals that continued, like trees, straight through the architecture. I also saw the hallways as an opportunity to create immersive spaces filled with warm colors and shapes inspired from nature, with each cross-section of the mural providing a new experience and environment. For this project, the shapes I used are primarily from images of glaciers, which bring up issues of human destruction of nature, but also challenge us to reflect on the millennia that are contained in the massive ice formations. The shapes and colors in these murals emit the wonder of the world, and the potential we all carry to have a positive, lasting impact on our environment and fellow human beings.
Art Installation Slideshow
Photography by Wil Matthews

Limited edition prints are available for purchase

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