Video Installations

Hugh Livingston
Healdsburg Metrics

November 2023-February 2024

Artist’s Statement
Analysis and Annotation
Lobby Facade
Cartographies and Architectures
The Rooftop
Vintage maps and imagery courtesy of the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society
I create immersive sound and visual environments for public spaces. My site-specific work is anchored in annotation and analysis as methodologies for experiencing the natural world through visual and auditory senses. I use found sounds, colors extracted from nature, patterns, and textures reassembled and reexamined, for a new narrative about our ecological surroundings. These documentations are used to build a portrait of place. My work as an artist is connected with ecological narratives drawing audiences into awareness and appreciation of the sensed environment. I make experiential portraits of environments through various immersive means, aspiring to de-emphasize technology of delivery in favor of poetic experience.
Cube video displays courtesy of WiCanvas

About the Artist
Hugh has a long association with artmaking in Sonoma County and along the Russian River, with multiple projects at the SlaughterhouseSpace, the Sonoma County Museum, Hammerfriar Gallery, and with the Chalk Hill Artists’ Residency at Warnecke Ranch, where his opera Stages of the Russian River, written with Fred Euphrat, was produced. His recent work includes an immersive sound experience at Bell Mountain, also on Chalk Hill Road, focusing on the regenerative agricultural processes of Medlock Ames Winery.