Art Installations

We believe art can be both ephemeral and eternal. Passing experiences can have an effect that lasts a lifetime.

Which is why we’re honored to make Harmon Guest House a “canvas” for renowned Sonoma County artists to create temporary art installations throughout the spaces of the hotel. Check out what’s happening now.

Current Art Installation

Jessica Martin

Through Mar 31, 2022

Martin created immersive spaces that continue vertically, like trees, straight through the architecture. Filled with warm colors and shapes inspired from nature, each floor's cross-section provides a new experience and environment.

Past Art Installations

Alice Sutro

June-August 2021

Sutro invited locals into the hotel to be drawn, and asking them to do what they would want to do if the hotel was handed over to them for the weekend. The result are drawings that were lively, joyful and cheeky in their execution, as well as in their subject matter.